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Powerful Tools for Caregivers
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Powerful Tools for Caregivers helps the caregiver to help them- selves so that they may continue to effectively care for their loved one.  At the end of the six weekly two-hour classes the caregiver will have a "box of tools" to help cope with care giving.

The classes are appropriate for spouses, adult children, friends, clergy, professional caregivers, etc. who are providing or directing care.  The curriculum is designed to reduce feelings of powerlessness by identifying "tools" that work.  Attendees learn how their care giving responsibilities can be less stressful.  They also learn about Managing Principles of Self-Care and how to use community resources as well. 

The course fee varies by location and includes a workbook and weekly handouts.  Some sessions also have respite caregivers available at no charge, and may include free lunches weekly.  Sessions are presented by Randy Brown, PTC Master Instructor, along with various guest co-instructors.

The attendee will learn critical tools for taking care of themselves: 
  • Tools for reducing personal stress
  • Tools for changing negative self-talk
  • Tools for communicating feelings and needs to others
  • Tools for setting limits and asking for help
  • Tools for dealing with emotions such as anger, guilt  and depression
  • Tools for making tough care giving decisions 

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